Controlled chaos, or thoughts on the Saturn-Uranus opposition

Call it ‘the Grand Irrationality’, as Robert Wilkinson does, or a ‘tricky time’ as this reader does on There’s a weirdness in the air — a sense that what we know, experiences we have built up (Saturn), may not, or cannot, help us make sense of the chaos (Uranus) we sense. The economy is messed up, the environment is messed up, politics is messed up and (many of) our personal lives may be messed up.

But whether that feels like the end, or an opportunity, depends on the work we’ve done, and are prepared to do. The Saturn-Uranus opposition is bringing the anxieties to the surface, to consciousness. Those who have a stake in old, destructive patterns (Saturn) and want to hang on to them, may find that Uranus is stirring the pot and won’t let them. Those who have a stake in wreaking chaos (Uranus) may find themselves coming up against limits, boundaries, and structures (Saturn), again and again. What’s the happy medium? How do we respond to these tensions in a responsible way?

In general, I’d say those with a stake in Saturnian energies are more fearful of change than Uranian ones are afraid of limits. Try to limit them, and Uranians just up an leave, or change the status quo. Saturnians, on the other hand, have a stake in what has been, and by definition, what has been can never be what is now, or what is to come. So, in a sense, the fear of loss (also Saturn’s domain) is already always embedded in that which is established, or being established. This is not to say that the fear itself is wrong, or necessarily misplaced. Fear of collapse ensures better engineering of buildings and bridges; but better engineering need not mean ‘more rigid’. For instance, earthquake-resistant buildings often have a degree of ‘give’ built into them that actually allow the structure to move with the quake. This allows the structure to absorb the energy of the earthquake and diffuse it, rather than allow the energy to travel through and damage the core structures of the building.

How do we quake-proof our psyches in a similar way? The Full Moon in Pisces tomorrow, when the Moon comes very close to Uranus, may offer some clues ahead of the exact opposition on 4th November, Election Day USA. Here’s a range of suggestions from the astro-blogosphere, all of the articles worth reading in full.

  • Eric Francis:

    Remember, we don’t hear the good news on the news, only what has gone wrong. The good news of these days is most likely to apply to anyone who guides their mind, body and soul in the direction of their creative impulses. Get out your camera. Tune your guitar. Dust off your paints. Reality is pliable with these things in your hands.

  • Priya Kale:

    Emotionally this is about breaking through our inner walls. Compassion, love and understanding are powerful forces at this time. It is important you listen to what your heart is trying to tell you. What feels like the greatest risk is likely what you need to be exploring further, be willing to be surprised by the depth of emotion. We are reaching an inevitable release, opening the heart to allow healing to flow through.

    It’s not always necessary to define every emotion but we need to trust that when the right things are being felt in a very deep place inside us, the right things follow. We are at the start of a new cycle in our relationships that is allowing us to connect and reconnect in a way that meets the highest soul purpose of the people involved. This chart is a very idealistic one and it would be a shame if we didn’t take advantage of this clarity of vision we are now being granted. Jupiter and Saturn and Vesta are in a solid earth trine and the opportunities in front of us are real. The ground beneath our feet is solid and all that may be required is we take a leap of faith and dare to chase our dreams.

  • Lisa Dale Miller

    In fact, the Uranus/Moon conjunction creates the conditions for a beautiful ritual to direct the power of mind toward the most evolved form of the Pisces/Virgo axis: sacrifice, service and enlightenment. Pisces is known for its desire to let go of self-identification thereby allowing the soul to merge with its source; pure consciousness. What a finish to the last two weeks of waxing Moon work on our individual desire for health, healing and service to others. This is the night to put into action all of your intentions for health and well-being and to offer this effort in service to the enlightenment of all other sentient beings.

    So, no messing around with those devolved Neptunian/Piscean hedonistic fantasies of getting wasted on drugs or alcohol. This is the Full Moon to join with others and be lifted out of denial and ignorance. The world is suffering and we all need to wake up and do what we can to relieve suffering. Take responsibility for your own suffering and the suffering of others. Love yourself by loving others. Do what you can to stay in the present and in your heart.

  • Elsa P.:

    Respect other people’s time and burdens (Saturn). Grant individuals be space to be themselves. (Uranus)

    So easy to say, so hard to do…

  • Robert Wilkinson:

    So we confront problems of adapting to and living well within a great long-term pressure changing our world through illogic and violence. That affects all who feel, even if we aren’t directly impacted in material ways by what’s happening. It can be overwhelming at times, so it helps not to take a fixed view about the changes. Be sensitive to the shifts in the rhythms of what must be done and what isn’t getting done, and stay balanced amidst the changes.

    This is the time to examine our best way to do our being, and not take responsibility for that which we didn’t create and have no ability to influence. Many old ways, things, and people have left our lives and continue to do so, and it is up to us to find new ways to deal with new challenges without losing our cool because of the “traffic jams” and “firestorms” that appear unexpectedly.

    In the larger time frame, it doesn’t matter if others do not respond as we hoped they would, or what expectations we have or have not lived up to. We are all being taught through the weirdness to live in the NOW, and not be attached to our own or others’ perceptions. Freaking out is not of much help in dealing with the present irrationality. Just do what you have to do and stay mindful that others probably cannot provide much stability or comfort either. This period challenges us to separate from the toxic or non-productive behaviors of our lower nature, and attempt to bring forth our Higher Self and a more compassionate view of what is and isn’t, was and will be, from an impersonal view.

    We’re learning to overcome an old form of human separateness based in being too attached to perceptions about material things, including perceptions themselves, and finding ways to experience a deeper connectedness with all of life. We are on an evolutionary path that is leading us to see that we are one part of a much greater Life, and that we have responsibilities to manage our part of the play with less violence and separateness than we have demonstrated up to now.

    Collectively, we’re breaking free from fear and superstition; maybe that’s why the fearmongers have to do their thing. And when this fever of totalitarian thinking passes, we’ll eventually see the dawning of a new collective reality and ways of regarding our Earth, the creatures and plants, and each other that won’t look anything like the strange illusions we are putting up with during this very weird “Grand Irrationality.”

Image: Guardians of the Secret (Jackson Pollock, 1950). Source: The Complete Jackson Pollock (fansite).


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