The rough beast slouches, or Pluto on the move I

Pluto has finally turned direct a couple of days ago after months in retrograde for its last tour of the last few degrees of Sagittarius. And I think we’re all feeling it in various ways. What is likely to be common for many is the theme of death and rebirth, metaphorically speaking. What is outmoded — lifestyles, ideas, institutions — must be destroyed and something else rebuilt.

The trouble with Plutonian transformation is that it is quite indiscriminate, as I quoted Elizabeth Spring earlier:

Pluto has come along because something was old or stuck or rigid and needed to die and be reborn. Pluto doesn’t care who is right or wrong—it is simply ruthless in its demand for change and reform—and it doesn’t care if you are the innocent party or not.

The only way to survive the demolition is to accept the change, and trust that it was necessary for new building to take place. To quote Chirotic: ‘You cannot resist that force, it will kill you in the attempt. … So don’t fight it’.

I had a rough Pluto transit over my Ascendant a few years ago, and I described it briefly in a comment to this post on Real Astrologers.

The way I see it is if Pluto going through the 12th house is digging up what’s hidden in the basement of our psyches, then Pluto going through the 1st house dumps the debris in its front yard so you can sort out what to keep and what to chuck. Pluto on the Asc is sorta like being on the threshold between the two.

Somehow, there is no substitute for the demolition metaphor (you could try capers!). If only they were all like the one below, eh?

Part II.


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  1. Jardine says:

    Hello, hitchhiker, thanks fot this post. I have Pluto perilously close to the Ascendant at the moment (the crossing will happen in mid-January), and I feel I’m going absolutely nuts. During the 12th house transit, I managed to work out what needs changing (a deep-seated destructive attitude towards myself), but any attempt to make that change is thwarted by that huge force of Pluto. My own will is very feeble. Hope I survive … I have two months of this hell to go through. Nobody who has not undergone a Pluto transit would believe me.

  2. hitchhiker72 says:

    Hi Jardine:

    I sympathise. Trust me it’ll all work out. The trick is not to try and control the change but let it happen, however it happens. In other words, let Pluto do the changing, and you just be open to it. Rather than try to dictate to Pluto what ought to change or not. If that makes sense.

    Don’t fight it. By this time next year, you’ll feel like you’ve grown a new skin.

    Best of luck and drop by anytime.

  3. Jardine says:

    Thanks hitchhiker for cheering me up :)))) By accident (well, probably not by accident at all!) I discovered a wonderful and funny article on Pluto yesterday. Here it is, it’s definitely worth reading:

  4. hitchhiker72 says:

    Hi Jardine, thanks for the link! ‘Cosmic enema’, indeed! Well put!!

  5. Jardine says:

    Hi again hitchhiker, may I have another question? When did you notice some relief from the 12h-Ascendant experience. After the 1st crossing … or the 2nd, 3rd? What puzzles me is that the tension was high over the last two years … and it’s another two years until Pluto finally settles down in the 1st. Now it’s 0.95 from my ASC and I’m longing for some good news. Lot’s of learning took place, but the pressure is immense, and I could do with some rest 🙂 Thanks a lot!

    • hitchhiker72 says:

      Hi Jardine,

      I’m not sure I can pinpoint an exact moment but I do remember that by the time it crossed, I felt relieved. If Pluto is that close to your Ascendant now, it meant that it was pretty close all of last year during the sloooow retrograde station in the last degree of Sag. That may have compounded the intensity. Also there are other tough aspects going on now — where is the Saturn-Uranus opposition in your chart?

      If you can afford it, consider a professional reading? All the astrologers I mention regularly are excellent — Eric Francis (Planet Waves), Robert Wilkinson (Aquarius Papers), Elsa P (, Tom Jacobs ( In a sense, a Pluto crossing of this nature needs to be experienced, but sometimes it helps when someone can contextualise it in your chart for you.

      Hope this helps even a little bit.

      Best of luck

  6. Jardine says:

    Hi again, thanks for sharing. I agree that last autumn was probably the toughest time …. one when that I wasn’t sure I’d survive it. Since then, it has brightened up a bit, but sometimes the heaviness comes back for a day or two, then getting lighter again. Maybe this is the twelfth house saying goodbye, not sure whether to let go of me yet or not 🙂

    Saturn is now in my 8th house in Libra, so that’s what could have been reinforcing Pluto in the 12th. But gosh, so much has happened and in a way I’m grateful for the experience , and for discovering astrology along the way.

    Thanks for the names you have provided. Wishing you best of luck too,


  7. hitchhiker72 says:

    Hi Jardine, without knowing the other specifics of your chart, Saturn in the 8th and Uranus in the 2nd indicates that you may be struggling with issues of resources (apart from the personal transformation with Pluto).

    The 2nd house is often read as the money house, but I prefer the wider interpretation of personal resources — this may be money, time, energy, and so on. With Uranus there, there may have been some unpredictable shocks, maybe in the form of unplanned expenses, or potentially sudden windfalls, but for which you may not have prepared for.

    The 8th house is conversely the house of other people’s resources — could be money, but also sexual energy, death (as transformation), and hidden enemies. Maybe you’ve had some pressure there too — say applying for a grant or a loan and having to struggle, things of that nature. Saturn is a restrictive energy, but also a toughener — so what may feel burdensome now may prove beneficial later. Sorta like training with lead boots, when the boots come off, you are stronger and faster. The heaviness you mention sounds more like Saturn, than specifically Pluto. Pluto is like a slow grind.

    I reckon these two giants opposing each other (4 more passes due from now till 2012, the first on USA election day last year) has generated, and will generate for some time to come, a kind of push-pull tension between your management of personal resources and the weight you feel with external resources not being available for you to draw on.

    I don’t know what your Sun sign is, but personally, I think it helps to draw on the Sun’s strength (without ignoring all the other aspects too, but the Sun is the source of life after all, and drawing on it can be tremendously regenerative). If it’s in a Cardinal sign, draw on its leadership potential; a fixed sign, its ability to build strong structures; and if in a mutable sign, the ability to adapt.

    Sorry if I’m interfering too much (please say so, if that’s the case) but I do have enormous sympathy for those with the Pluto-Asc transit, and are willing to square with it. I suspect the person you grow into with Pluto in the 1st house will be central to how you come to terms with what you have (2nd house) and what you want from others (8th).

    Best as always,

  8. Jardine says:

    Hello H72, thanks so much for your replies, they are very much appreciated. It’s great to know that out there, someone has been through the same experience. The crisis I’m in has been dragging on for two years, and when it was at its worst I learned about transits and Pluto, and that basically saved my life. Just knowing WHAT is going on, and that it will end, makes it so much more bearable.

    I have a difficulty understanding the 8th house, so I’m not completely sure how Saturn works there. Moneywise, the situation hasn’t been too bad, but because I’m looking after two very small children, handling the powerful Pluto transit has been very draining. Just caring for two toddlers on its own is quite energy-consuming – and imagine doing it whilst Pluto is in the final stages of crossing my 12th! Maybe the resources you mention are those related to energy and time, then.

    But I am surviving … that’s the main thing. And I have learnt so much during this transit. It’s been mostly about self-acceptance … I was never good at it, but Pluto made me work on it – or else :)))

    I’m an Aries with Sag rising and Cancer Moon.

    Thanks for being that voice somewhere on the Net that spoke to me at the right time. Best wishes to you!

  9. ariescan says:

    Jardine-if you are still reading these posts, I am aries sun cancer moon and sag rising also. Very odd to find so many similarities in signs. Please post again if you are still around. Transits have been hell for me also.
    reading these

  10. Jardine says:

    Hi, ariescan, I’m still around, though this time last year I wouldn’t believe I’d be :)))

    The transit is still in progress, but I’m learning so much. Things have definitely brightened up. I have thank this blog again for lifting my spirit at the darkest hour. A year from then, I can see much more clearly the meaning and purpose of this transit. It’s been a vital lesson, though a tough one for sure :)))

  11. hitchhiker72 says:

    Hey, Jardine! I’m sooo glad to hear it!! Hang in there!

    Very best wishes

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