Small wonder: Autumn scallions

As we inch through the week and wait to see what the Full Moon in Pisces on Monday has in store for us (with Uranus about, it’s hard to say), it may be useful to remember the little things.

Last weekend, I found some scallions at the back of my fridge, slightly forlorn and totally forgotten. Many of the outer leaves had dried up, and all the stalks had shrunk to half their original size. I salvaged what green was left for the meal I was having and chopped off the rooted end. Without thinking too much about it, I stuck them into a small pot of compost and put it on my window sill.

Four days later, the signs of growth, as you can see, are palpable.

For all our grandiose science, humanity still can’t really explain how weeks-old scallion roots, much less a 2000-year-old seed, can show signs of life given the right conditions.

What conditions can we provide for the seeds we want to grow?


2 Responses to Small wonder: Autumn scallions

  1. Maureen says:

    Why do I forget to do this?!??! Thanks for the reminder.

  2. hitchhiker72 says:

    Yeah, I often forget too. Thanks for stopping by, Maureen.

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