Living in toxicity

Most people wouldn’t consciously live on a toxic dump (would they?) — and I’m not talking about the poorest in the world who have no choice in the matter — so why do so many people choose to live in emotional toxicity, at home, at work, or elsewhere?

And — this is the real question — why does it bug me so much that they do?

Update: Actually, as soon as I hit ‘publish’, I worked it out. I imbibe a lot of toxicity from friends who need to ‘dump’, and for the most part, I don’t mind it at all. IF I sense that they are dumping so they can sort themselves out, understand their motivations better, take responsibility for their unhappiness. If, however, they are dumping so they can momentarily unload and so enable themselves to continue living in mindless toxicity, then that makes me an accomplice. And that is what upsets me — being an accomplice to someone else’s unhappiness.

And so, more of my ‘fix-it’ ego to sit with and let go of.

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