Betty’s back

Not that she’s ever gone away. But that doyenne of masturbation, selfsex, and self-confidence, Betty Dodson, teams up with sex-positive activist and entrepreneur, Carlin Ross, to launch a new website this week that takes her into the 21st century. Given all the repression we still see everywhere, I’d say it might be the 21st century that will have to try and catch up with the irrepressible octogenarian Dodson.

Eric Francis pays tribute to her here:

If you’ve never heard of Betty, please allow me to introduce you. If you enjoy masturbation and you’re consciously committed to feeling only positive about it, you can thank Betty. Indeed, if you think of it as anything but a sin or a disease, she’s your girl. Betty was the first person to publicly come out with this opinion and claim it as her own, not as a scientist or an academic (and frankly they have not been very helpful).

Betty was the Rosa Parks of the sex movement who publicly, vocally objected to being pigeonholed as any one thing. She proposed, with her existence and not by speculating, that we can be who we want as sexual beings, and that we have the right to change.

Her landmark Sex for One remains a modern classic after more than 20 (30?) years in print, and the follow-up, Orgasms for Two, like the first, reads more like a sharing of personal memoirs than clinical self-help.

It is this open, disarming manner that makes Dodson’s philosophy so compelling. Her advice on the new website is delivered in the same frank, but always good-natured, tone her videos have been, and I dare say, her bodysex masturbation workshops as well. (Pity she doesn’t run them anymore). Good to know she’s here for the web generation, too.

Image: Iris albicans. Source: Wikimedia Commons.


3 Responses to Betty’s back

  1. mm says:

    Ah, she’s a Sun-Virgo. Such practicality. I must take a look at her chart …. even without an ascendant it should be interesting.

  2. hitchhiker72 says:

    Double Virgo, in fact.

    Planet Waves casts her chart here:

  3. mm says:

    Thanks for that. Fascinating interpretation that I will have to come back and re-read several times. I too have Virgo Asc and Moon in Aries in 8th so I find this particularly interesting ……..

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