What falls away

In nature, what falls away without effort? Some examples:

  • Autumn leaves
  • Flaking paint
  • Weathered rock
  • Scabs

In the period between the solar eclipse of 1st August, and the lunar eclipse of 16th August, a number of dead, previously draining, relationships just fell away from my life. No explanations, no drama, no justification, just a drifting off, rather than a casting off. And I can’t say I’m sorry. Dead leaves make great compost.

Image: Smoky Mountains Source: stock.xcng


2 Responses to What falls away

  1. mm says:

    I found the two weeks in question pulverising and terribly difficult. But some necessary truths were learned.

    I like the examples you give. A reminder to let go.

  2. hitchhiker72 says:

    Thanks, mm. Yeah, and the weeks continue to be slightly ‘off’ for me. Letting go is one of the few things I have any control over – if that makes sense…. 🙂


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