Mirror-image twins

One fishI had lunch with a friend today and discovered for the first time that she is one half of a mirror-image twin. I’d never heard of the phenomenon before. She says that they are basically mirror images of each other.

Apparently it occurs when the embryo splits really late in the cycle and produces two individuals who are genetically identical but mirror images of each other. In my friend’s case, she’s right-handed while her sister is left-handed; they part their hair on opposite sides; the hair on their crowns are swirled in opposite directions; and their fingerprints are mirror images, too… I don’t know if this is true but she says a mirror-image twin sometimes has their organs on the ‘wrong’ side of the body as well!

What really struck me in relation to my last post was when she said, ‘When I look in the mirror, I see my sister!’ This is really interesting, because us, ‘individual’ souls, see ‘ourselves’ when we look in the mirror. But what we see is, of course, a mirror image of how we appear to other people, which is why when we look at mirror images of other people, they don’t quite look like the people we know. If, however, one is presented with a mirror image of oneself on a daily basis on the person of another individual, such that who we see in the mirror is that other person and not ourselves… who do we really see?

The possibility of each and both is what comes to my mind, a simultaneous self-ing and other-ing toyed with in the film, Love Letter (Shunji Iwai, Japan, 1995), that I’d blogged about earlier. Totally fascinating to my Gemini (twin) Sun.

Images: One Fish, and Girl Before Mirror (Picasso, 1932) Source: stock.xchng and Olga’s Gallery.


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