Waking up your Venus

Aphrodite An astrologer friend casting a brief eye on my chart recently left me with this piece of advice:

‘You need to wake up your Venus.’

Venus in my chart is one I rarely think about, being far more obsessed about Sun-Mercury-Saturn in the sixth house; i.e. the doing aspects of my chart. As a novice astrologer, however, I am also aware that we also have to be our charts. Sometimes, the natal chart is mistakenly treated as a chart of limitations — this is who you are — a set of characteristics written in stone. I much prefer to think of the chart as who one can become — that is, the task of the subject in this life is to manifest the chart’s potential.

The Venus archetype in astrology speaks to what attracts you, what turns you on? Arthur Dione writes in Jungian Birth Charts (1988):

Venus is the feminine strength that draws things to it without having to exert much force or will. What is this mysterious, powerful image that can leave us spellbound, perceived in the object of our affections? (56)

But the Venus in the chart isn’t specifically about love or romance; rather it is about pleasure, and feeling good about oneself (sometimes by making someone else feel good).

Venus is retrograde in my chart, in close opposition to Jupiter, which is also retrograde. My friend surmised that on occasion, retrograding planets in a natal chart can work like they are ‘switched off’. What does that mean? It means, in the context of my chart, that I am often unconscious or unaware of what makes me feel good. And that can mean everything from intimate relations to reading comics on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Along with waking up my Venus, I was asked to rein in my Mars. How to do that? I wondered aloud to another friend. She said, ‘Focus on what makes you feel good, rather than what makes you angry.’ So easy, eh? I reckon I’ve started the process already, but it took someone to point it out verbally for me (Mercury’s child) to pay attention. And true to my Gemini penchances, I’m glad to have found out that there were originally two Venuses:

Aphrodite was the Greek goddess of love and beauty. She was known to the Romans as Venus. There were actually two different Aphrodites, one was the daughter of Uranus, the other the daughter of Zeus and Dione. The first, called Aphrodite Urania, was the goddess of spiritual love. The second, Aphrodite Pandemos, was the goddess of physical attraction.

As Venus conjoins my Sun in a few days, there’s no time like the present to focus on waking up my Venus. What do I like, what makes me feel good? And no guilt for admitting them either.

In no particular order, and not at all exhaustive:

  • Quiet afternoons
  • A good book
  • Toast (of good bread) and strawberry jam, or (good) peanut butter
  • Slow, warm kisses
  • Good comics
  • Good coffee
  • Witty conversation
  • Doing astrology

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2 Responses to Waking up your Venus

  1. A very thoughtful post, especially from someone who identifies herself as a beginning astrology student.

    If you don’t mind, I’d like to point out that the Venus Rx/Jupiter Rx opposition signifies an energy that is driven “underground”, as it were, and that you might find out some very interesting things about as you unearth this part of yourself.

    Over the past 40 centuries, the Venus archetype has shifted from that of a goddess of significant power, live giving fertility, and war to one of pleasure in response to patriarchal societal pressures. Venus herself was driven underground, left to show only the part that was PC to the rest of the world.

    We all need to “wake up our Venus” though I suspect your journey in this respect might be more interesting than most.

  2. hitchhiker72 says:

    Dear Starry, thanks for the tip — “underground” is pretty much the right description, too.

    Pluto’s going to cross that Jupiter in a few years, so I reckon I better start the “unearthing” process now.


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