Finding the words to break boundaries — navigating Mercury in Aquarius

All this talk about Capricorn has made me forget that what follows Capricorn is Aquarius, the sign of the inventor and the great humanitarian.

It’s funny and apt that my concerns about navigating social norms and boundaries should be so eloquently answered by Eric Francis writing on Mercury’s current ingress in Aquarius, and the upcoming Mercury retrograde in the same sign. The article is worth excerpting here, although I’ve mentioned it elsewhere:

We may not be admitting the extent to which social norms cause us to deny our strength on all these accounts. People tend to act like prudes because they are expected to, and/or because they expect to be shunned if they don’t. Chiron always wants to stand out. Vesta wants us to bring our fire through. Why would we not do these things? Fear of being judged, of course. Shame is a form of internalized self-judgment.

Guilt is internalized resentment of others who hold us down, usually people we threatened with how alive we were as kids. Both involve sex, and both involve the fear of being alive. Chiron is saying: these are the injuries we need not only to deal with, but to use as a source of strength, and as a means to set ourselves free.

Mercury in Aquarius is set up for an exciting retrograde across all these points. …

Toy bulldozerHere is the theme, as I see it: are we willing to challenge social norms, among the people closest to us, by having an open discussion about those social rules? Or are we so terrified that we think that people will judge us merely for thinking a thought or challenging an idea we notice is holding us down?

If you want to have a discussion, you need the words to have it. I am certain that approximately half the reason conversation of these themes does not occur is that we lack the language to speak about our feelings and desires. Maybe you want to read and learn some words, or maybe you want to use the ones you have, being blatantly simple and descriptive about yourself.

Using traditional astrology keys (term and face), Mercury is strongly dignified in the middle degrees of Aquarius. Now is a good time to open up and start talking, and start listening. It’s time to own up to the past and tell the people supposedly important to us what really makes us who we actually are. What challenges social norms that are the things to bring up first: the things that make us fear rejection. If you’re trying to have a safe discussion where in you shelter yourself from saying anything that risks rejection, you’re not really doing it. Now, take a chance. Go deeper and try again. (emphasis in boldface mine)

As I mention in the other post, the themes of Mercury in Aquarius are, for us, ‘to get in touch with our own humanity that we may thus get in touch with the collective’. Part of my motivation for blogging about some fairly personal issues is precisely to put to words the condition of my subjectivity, in order to live in a world for which condition no words currently exist.


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