Thinking a place for one

Once in a while, a writer comes along, an article comes along, that not only grabs you by the collar but also bumps you on the head — just to remind you you’re alive. This article by Judith Gayle is one such head bump; for me, anyway.

First, give up your victimhood. If life sucks for you, it’s because of your own decisions — happily, you can make new ones. If you’re stuck in survival mode, trapped in a job for a paycheck as so many of us are, you can’t throw the baby out with the bathwater without ramifications. If you’re considering that, then fully prepare for what might happen next, but soothe yourself with the thought that when you create a vacuum, something always comes in to fill it. If you’re not that much of a risk taker, begin to look around for a better fit for your talents — and pay no attention to the news of the day that tells us that jobs are scarce. That’s not your business — YOU are your only business. Thinking that the world has no place for you will ensure that it won’t. Entering into an authentic dialogue with yourself about your desires and talents will prepare you to draw opportunity to you. (my emphasis)

I can’t imagine better advice as I head towards a job interview later this week.


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