The lies we tell ourselves

I had a meeting with my boss recently, details of which will, by necessity, remain sketchy. However, one of the things we did discuss was back pay (about 4 months worth) which has been owed to me for nearly two years. After two years of promising that something will be sorted out, nothing has. And in that last meeting she said there is nothing more she can do if Human Resources won’t cooperate.

Fine. I accept that. I also accept my decision not to take them to court. I believe there are some battles you can win, and some not worth winning. What I do not accept is a re-narravisation of history, or worse, a wilful abrogation of history, simply because the truth is too inconvenient (I guess we will forever have to cite Al Gore for that phrase now).

My boss said that in fact she had been trying to make it up to me by allowing me to go on various trips. These are conference trips I made to South Africa, South Korea, Singapore, Rotterdam, Boston and Paris, as part of my job. I was required to do them anyway, and a travel budget, not transferable to the salary budget, is set aside for this purpose for each member of staff. In one turn of phrase, I am now beholden to her for these trips as personal favours.

By all means, ma’am, tell yourself the lies you need to so you can sleep at night or wake up in the morning. But ask me (or pay me), before you make me your accomplice.


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