Five minutes is forever

I think I have reached that point — that I can no longer do without my five minutes of meditation at the start of the day. I look through my previous posts and am surprised that it has been more than a year since I planned to start trying it — to meditate for a minimum of five minutes a day as part of my morning routine.

The aim is not to make the sitting ‘special’; it used to be that if I didn’t have 30 minutes, I wouldn’t sit at all. Now I try to practise for five minutes if that is all I have. The five minutes is my planting a seed of virtue (more about this another time). I have sought to inculcate it as part of an unconscious series of daily activities, such as brushing my teeth and taking a shower. Those things are done however rushed I am; I cannot conceive of leaving the house without having brushed my teeth, and I think I have reached a stage where I now cannot leave the house without having meditated, at least not without feeling like something is missing.

I’m blogging about this as a permanent reminder — I missed the morning sitting yesterday, on my birthday no less, because I was lazing about, and felt for the rest of the day like I hadn’t brushed my teeth. No doubt, I was covered in mental plaque, for want of a better word. Ugh, I think that image is sufficient enough to deter me from ever being lax again.

But as forever is also in this minute, we shall see.


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