Sooner than later

Nothing like blogging to say I’ve no time to blog than to do so within 24 hours. Sometimes the part of the mind generating the resistance just needs a swift kick every now and again.

Here’s an astrological take on anxiety that I found fascinating. Scroll down to find Judith Gayle’s article on ‘Letting Shift Happen’. Here’s an excerpt:

Where does that come from, that lump in our throat, that knot in our stomach? What past programming, subconscious demons set us up for such a response? The human psyche likes checklists — we prefer things tidy; we have “rules.” We think in terms of “success” or “failure,” of “good” and “bad.” An even more damaging concept we can’t seem to shake is “punishment” and “praise.” If we don’t produce, there will be hell to pay — if we do, we’ll get a thumbs up and happy faces from those around us. Who we believe ourselves to be as individuals depends on what we accomplish, how we present ourselves to others, and what our lives look like; any deviation from that script is “bad.” Encoded in our cellular memory are nasty things like debtors’ prisons and the misery of poverty, the sting of ridicule, the shame of failure — our lower chakra concerns. Even our concepts of God are based on obedience or punishment. These are old survival tapes we’ve carried with us for eons, and they require of us a stupefying diligence and dedication to keeping our nose to the grindstone. It’s no surprise that we often take on a hive mentality — we’ve become humans doing, not humans being.

There are gifts out there to find. When we stop seeing things as problems, we are more likely to notice opportunities. The new energies coming in are deliberate — some would say destined; they’re asking us to let go of of tedium and absolutes and explore this “new” thing, to go with the flow into fresh territory. Our challenge is to shift with them. I missed a deadline, but I helped a friend heal. Life is sweet.

It’s a lesson I’m having to teach myself anew everyday.


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