New blog host, new tag line

My reasons for moving to WordPress from Blogger are outlined here. This post is about explaining the new tagline I’ve selected.

The words are not mine, but from an ex-blogger, a Buddhist novice nun by the name of Soen Joon Sunim, who used to write a hugely popular site called One robe, one bowl. The phrase, to ‘unwrite the I’, was one she used to describe the paradox of unravelling the ego through the act of creation that is writing. It has stayed with me and, far from trying to duplicate her project, I am still struggling to come to grips with its profundity! Thank you, Soen Joon. It is my privilege to have a snippet of that original post still here on my site.

For personal reasons, she has taken down the blog and the domain has since been taken up by another. I am, however, immensely grateful for her site for the time it was up, and very lucky to have been able to meet with her in Korea earlier this year. It is truly one of those relations that could only have sprung up through the internet, and one of many incidents that have made 2006 memorable. It has been some time since I could look back on a year without much relief that it is finally over and done with. The astrology for 2007 doesn’t at all anticipate an uneventful year, so all one can do is be really.


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