In my indoor garden

I finally charged up the batteries in my digital camera to take a proper picture. Previous pictures had been taken with the camera on my mobile phone and they were a bit fuzzy. Here’s my little patch of earth with salad seedlings about four days old. The little creature on a stick in the corner is a Mayan Rain Frog that someone gave me.

This is what it says on the packet: ‘For centuries, Mayan Indian farmers in Guatemala believed that frogs attact water to their fields. The frog was a symbol of rain. After sowing their crops, they would place a ceramic frog in each corner of the field and perform a complicated ritual called Cha’ Chak, consisting of prayers and the burning of holy incense’. I’m hoping it’s metaphorical and not literal. The last thing I need right now is for it to rain in my flat. Those beady eyes and cheesy smile look so hopeful…..

The aloe plant I brought home in March is starting to produce off-shoots. I feel like a proud grandparent… *grin*


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