Choose my own adventure

The weekend socials weren’t bad really. I’m glad I didn’t turn down the one I wanted to attend because it turn out to be better than I expected. I even won a bunch of camellias from someone’s garden in a raffle. Makes me feel as if spring might be here at last.

The other one that I was less keen on also turned out to be better than expected because public transport limitations in a small town on Sunday restricted the amount of time I could be out.

My mindful lesson for the week is to trust my instincts, and not to second-guess myself into knots. Be here now, and this too shall pass,* as it were.

*There’s an interesting story to this phrase told by a friend who has been practising meditation for over twenty years. She and her group used to have dog tags engraved at the local pet shop which they attached to their key chains. The tag read, ‘Be here now’ on one side, and ‘This too shall pass’ on the other. I’d like one of those.


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